Sunday, May 19, 2013

Florida Reunion - Part 1

This was the third year we went down to visit Jeremy and Maggie in Florida, but the first year that they're in Orlando. Harry Potter and Florida's warm weather? How could we turn that down? We had a great time! Ray was able to come down from Chicago, so the five of us had a great time! We have been blessed with some great friends!

It was an action-packed five days, and we had such a great time! Surprisingly, Maggie and I were both having such a good time, we really didn't take as many pictures as we should have... Lucky for all of you, I got a few great ones!

We flew down on Wednesday and spent the afternoon hanging out with Maggie and Grayson while Jeremy was at work. We had an awesome BBQ dinner at Four Rivers, since all BBQ really is better in the south. 
This little one has grown so much since our last visit!
The boys had so much fun with her!
She loves to read already!
Dinner at Four Rivers was DELICIOUS!

On Thursday we hung out with our favorite toddler a little more, before heading to drop her off with her grandparents and enjoy a lazy afternoon tubing down a river. 
Isn't she seriously the cutest??
Thursday night we walked around I-Drive, the tourist strip.
Maggie and Ray went on the Human Slingshot.
They're nuts.
Check out the fear on Ray's face.
Maybe sometime I'll figure out how to post the video Amit took. 

And those two days weren't even our busiest! Maggie's parents were great and watched Grayson for them, so that we could have two whole days to get a ton of sightseeing done... Up next, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Cocoa Beach!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our First Ithaca Adventure

Clearly this will be the first of many exciting experiences in Ithaca. We're slowly approaching the end of June, and our move to Ithaca can't come soon enough! We went back to Ithaca two weekends ago, so that Amit could sign his contract. Of course we made a weekend out of it. In addition to a very fun evening at the Glacier Gala, we fit in a morning hike at Buttermilk Falls.

The falls are actually about a 5 minute drive from our new house, so we'll definitely be hiking there often. I'm so excited to be living in a town that's so close to fresh produce, grass-fed meat, and most importantly, gorgeous hiking trails! They say that Ithaca is gorges, and it really is! Here are some of my favorite photos from our hike. It was so hard to decide which I liked best!

We actually started at the top and hiked down along the water.
On the way to the largest falls, 
we saw a lot of beautiful, smaller ones.
At the top of the falls...
...and the bottom.
The climb up was tough! 
We need to start training for these gorges,
we'll be getting some great workouts!
Last one.
I love the way the walls were carved out. 

Oops... I lied. Here's a picture we took while sitting in the sun on Cayuga Lake on Saturday, before the gala. Yep, I think we're going to LOVE living here! Ready to visit yet?

If you wanted to see the rest of the pictures, try this link. I'm trying to decide between Snapfish and Shutterfly for storage, so I figured I would see if this works.