Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out on the Town

The beauty of all of us being 21? We get to enjoy our drinks together! I love when family comes out to visit - we get to show them our favorite hot spots and they treat us to dinner. Here are some of the delicious highlights of their visit. Cue the saliva.
Summer Shack - We LOVE coming here. It was one of the first restaurants we tried and we still love it. I love the casual feel with the gourmet menu choices and you can't go wrong with any of the seafood. Delicious! Even though we always go here, we had to add something new. So this time we order oysters. We tried our first oysters last summer and loved them, so we had to share them with the family. We had a wonderful dinner, like usual. 

 Howl at the Moon - Wow, now how do I even explain this one? It's Amit's favorite place ever. Who wouldn't love to go to a dueling piano bar that serves amazing food and drinks? We had gone to this location once before and had a great time, the musicians are great and with a good crowd you get some great requests! We went on Tuesday night, which was a great choice. First off, the appetizers and drinks were amazing. I wanted to keep the booze bucket, but the waitress took it back with her. :-(  Second, apparently we were the only people in the entire bar who were there for the music. Thank goodness we brought our singles. Amit and Nate requested so many songs and because no one else was getting into it, they played ALL of our requests! My only regret? We didn't sit closer to the stage! It was AWESOME and we had so much fun!! If only we had Wednesdays off... We'd be there every Tuesday night! (Almost forgot - we went a little crazy with the camera!)

 Treat Cupcake Bar - Last, but not least, is our favorite sweet spot. The highlight of my day (well, it tends to be month) is when Amit says, "Hey, want to walk and get cupcakes?" That's right, we live within walking distance!! (So not safe for me.) After we went hiking on Wednesday, we stopped to pick up some cupcakes. And seeing as I am obsessed with their cupcakes, had to take a picture. Yum!
Now I can't sign off without talking about the dogs and food. Looks like they know who loves them the most (and sneaks them bits of everything he is eating). Poor Emma won't be getting that lucky any time soon!

Wellfleet Beach

Surprisingly, in the three years that we've lived here, we have never taking the family to the Cape. We were looking for some fun stuff to do with the dogs, so we decided to head south, braving the wind and the cold, to enjoy some beautiful beach.

Now I love family roadtrips. While we no longer amuse ourselves by singing along to White Christmas in the car, we did have to squish and share the van with the two dogs. Needless to say, the dogs weren't exactly thrilled with the idea.
Emma loved exploring all the new spaces.
(even finding a way to go in between my legs to look out the back window)
Then she squished in between us and slept on the backseat.
Apparently she's too good for the floor.
When we finally got to Wellfleet, WOW, was it cold and windy! Someone was looking out for us, though, because it was sunny and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

 Trying to figure out what was in  the sand and trying to get her collar off.

Climbing back up the dunes... They are so tall!
There was no one else on the beach and we had a great time just walking along, finding fun shells and stones. Max has no fear of water and even got his paws wet, but Emma had no interest in exploring the waves and stuck with sniffing every shell she found. Amit and I will definitely be heading back before the summer starts, although I wish it was warm enough to lay out in the sun, I liked being able to explore the beach in peace.