Sunday, July 15, 2012

Settling In

It's hard to believe that a month has passed since we moved into our new place in New York! We've gone on so many other fun trips in June that we didn't really get to explore Webster until the last few weeks. So far, we're really liking our new home!
Emma loves her spot by the door.
Enjoying dinner on our new deck!
 When she thinks it's too hot out,
she lays in the AC, but still in the sun.
Silly pup.
Man, have we missed fun weather!
 We have tried some fantastic restaurants!
Chicken and waffles, fried catfish.
So excited about the southern cooking!
Did we mention that 
we're only a 5 minute walk from 
frozen custard?

And last, but not least,
the reason we live in Rochester...
Isn't he so cute??
Next weekend we will be checking out our local Farmer's Market, hopefully going for a walk in another local park, and maybe even laying out on the beach (weather permitting). Even better than that? In about three weeks, I'll be back in NY full-time and we'll get to finally head to the Finger Lakes! We're excited to visit some wineries, and I definitely need to find some antique shops! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Favorite Dogs

The other highlight to being back in Schaumburg is seeing Emma and Max reunited! They have a great time together, when they aren't fighting over logs...
Emma raided the firewood pile
and found a nice log to chew on.
 Max wanted one too.
Emma refused to share,
so he had to chew on a stick.
Emma was hilarious!
Our dog is ridiculous,
apparently one giant log isn't enough...
Emma loved hanging out in the sun with her buddy. We miss him already! And those logs are more popular than any chew toy we've ever bought. Crazy canines!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Crafting with Mom

Since Mom and Ron were cruising in Alaska for part of our visit, I wanted to do something relaxing with her when she got back. I found some very cute projects on Pinterest, so Mom and I had a very fun craft day!

Our projects involved lots of painting.
Day 1 of Crafting  was a success!

Project 1 - Flag Blocks
I love all projects made from 2x4s!
They found a great place on our island!

Project 2 - Firecrackers!
(And they remind me of Rice Krispies - hilarious!)
These turned out great!

Project 3 - Eat
Since we can't make a penny covered bar quite yet,
this will have to do!
I'm in LOVE!

I did bring my herbs in the car to Chicago,
then back to NY.
They're hanging in there!
(And look like they might be growing, too!)

I had a great time back in Schaumburg hanging out with the family! I felt so relaxed AND productive. I still can't believe I got all of those projects done! Now it's time to figure out what Mom and I are going to create for Christmas...