Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmastime is Here!

Emma's finally off our laps and playing with her Wubba, guess now I can start typing. Yes, now that Thanksgiving is over we can start celebrating our fabulous countdown until Christmas. The Christmas music is on, decorations are up, the chocolate Advent calendar from Trader Joe's is ready to go, and we just took our Christmas pictures!

John was awesome and took our pictures again this year, only we decided to make things a little more tricky. Emma was in them! Lucky for him (and us), she's doing great with training and knows sit! It was a little confusing for her to try to figure out that while we were telling her what to do, she was actually supposed to look at the camera. She did great though! Here are some of my favorites -
This one was a good start...
She was actually looking at the camera!
I love when she perks her ears up!
Cute black & while ones

She loves her closeups!

And the best of all??
The photos turned out great! Thanks, John!! Emma's fabulous and we're so thankful for her. As Amit's favorite car magnet says, "Who rescued who?"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emma Anecdotes

Emma has been keeping us very busy! We go on daily jogs and walks, which she loves. We've only been her parents for 3 weeks, but she'll even heel for us now! We start doggy obedience training on Saturday, so hopefully she keeps up the good work. Since I haven't blogged in a while, you all need an update about some of Emma's funnier moments. She has had many, but these are just the few we've caught on video.
These aren't videos, but still funny!
Emma likes to play with her toys while laying on her back.
It is too funny to watch her hold her toys in her paws.
(I apologize for the fuzzy photo - I need to get my camera fixed.)
This one was cute, we caught it on my phone.
She was super tired last night, 
but apparently didn't want to let go of her bone.
Now on to the good stuff!
BU was off today, so the boys came over to play some video games.
We had no idea Emma was such a fan!
Tonight we discovered another skill. 
She has a keen eye and can easily catch a mouse.
She's a great dog and the three of us are inseparable. We love having this happy, hyper dog to come home to!