Thursday, February 11, 2010


On Friday we went on a mini road trip. We've been talking about heading up to Maine for a while now and since there was no snow in Boston, we thought it was a great excuse to take our chances on some cross-country skiing up north.

In case we haven't talked about it with you, we're leaning towards heading up to Maine after graduation. There is a dental residency program based out of Bangor and there are some community health centers that he could work at after his residency. They are also able to do an externship there during their fourth year. That being said, we thought we'd start exploring the area to see if we'll like it as much as we like Boston. Amit did some research and chose a few different sites to check out before we headed to Portland to do some shopping at the LL Bean outlet.

Our first stop was Sebago Lake State Park. It looked like there must be lots of camping during the summer, but there wasn't much activity when we stopped by. We looked for any good places to ski, but there were none. Instead, we climbed out of the car and walked to the beach. We'll definitely be coming back here when its warm out!
It was so serene and beautiful...
After admiring the beautiful view, we headed to do a little skiing. We were a little nervous that there wouldn't be enough snow, but even though it was icy, we had a nice time.
It wasn't a very scenic trail, 
but we enjoyed being surrounded by all the trees.
This guy seriously loves XC skiing!
 Who am I kidding? We both do!
The next stop on our tour was Two Lights State Park. Yes, Amit loves hiking and skiing on land, but he's also become a little obsessed with the ocean. There was no way we'd do a trip to Maine without visiting the coast.
 It was a different ocean view,
but absolutely breathtaking.
A different photo of the two of us
Gorgeous views!
Say cheese!
While driving around, we found some lighthouses. Amit thought it would be pretty cool to own a house AND a lighthouse. I have to say, it was a gorgeous house...
Who would mind living near such a picturesque setting?
(I loved the lone lobster trap... I had to take a picture!)

After doing all of our sightseeing, we went to Portland. We grabbed lunch at this great little burrito place, complete with psychedelic decor. Downtown Portland was full of cool little art galleries, but seeing as we're poor we headed to the LL Bean outlet. If we end up moving to Maine, we will definitely be frequenting the outlets... What great deals! It was a great trip, too... I love my adventuresome husband!!


  1. It was! Amit says it isn't as nice as Alberta though. He wants to go there.

  2. what a fun trip! our friends who are graduating from bu this year are probably headed to bangor as well... lots of mula up there!

  3. That's awesome! Amit know a couple of 4th years who are doing their residency there, so I have a feeling we'll be making a few visits.

  4. We loved our quick day trip up there--try Nubble Lighthouse or Long/Short sands beach. Maybe we can all do something together in the summer.

  5. Definitely... whenever you all aren't too busy studying. ;-)