Sunday, May 23, 2010

Krissy's Confirmation

My amazing cousin Kristyn celebrated her confirmation this weekend. I was blessed to be able to celebrate with her, since Tricia flew me out as Krissy's present! Thanks so much, Trish!!!

There's so much I can say about Krissy. She's been my favorite cousin since she was born and she's like my little sister. She's full of love, is so smart, makes me laugh, and often reminds me of myself when I was younger. It's amazing to see the beautiful young woman she has grown up to be...
Shrine to Krissy
 We had fun looking back at old photos while we picked out photos to add to her shrine.
These were my favorites, taken at her baptism.
 Now that adorable little baby is all grown up...

Us girls headed over to the church way early, we wanted to make sure we got better seats than last year. We thought we got to Mike's confirmation early, but apparently everyone was already there. How different this year was, people didn't get there as early. We did, so we had great seats... and plenty of time to take some pictures.
3 generations of beautiful women / Cousins and Krissy's favorite girls

Evidence that Nate does enjoy a good church service. 
The confirmation service was great. Their pastors have such a great relationship with the kids and it shows! Nathan and I were loving every minute of it, Pastor kept cracking jokes throughout the service. My favorite was his comment about how they discussed women pastors during class. Turns out Krissy is more like me than I thought - she asked the question!! (You go, girl!)
It was so great to watch her confirm her faith,
I'm so glad I was there!
After church we went outside to take some pictures. First was the cousins, then Krissy with her aunts and uncles (the ones we could find), and then with the proud parents.
Since I was Tricia's special guest and hung out with her, Mimi, and Leanne all weekend while we cleaned and got ready for the party, I was supposed to help get the food ready for the guests. Well, Nate was ready to join in and do his part. Leanne hurried to her car to head out and Nate decided to make it a race. We speedwalked to the car, hurried in (with Nate almost shrieking at Mom to hurry up), and literally squealed the tires heading out of the church parking lot. I laughed so hard I almost cried! On his crazy drive home, while he tried to tell us that there was no way we'd see a cop and get pulled over for, he decided to start being super friendly. Every time a car drove by, he'd wave. Not like a normal person's slight wave, nope, like a crazy person's super hyper, almost shaking his hand off, fast wave.
Hilarious, that's all I have to say.
Back at the house, we had a fantastic dinner from Olive Garden. Boy, how I love that salad. (I even took home an extra bottle of the dressing to share with Amit, since he couldn't be there.) After dinner we had cake. Guess who was responsible for bringing it safely from the pool house to the kitchen? Me! Luckily the cake made it in once piece. It was delicious!
Such a cute cake!
A little cake cutting fun...
Krissy's confirmation day was so much fun! I'm so glad I was there to hang out and celebrate with her. Krissy - I'm so proud of you and love you so much! Congratulations on your confirmation!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green Thumb?

Amit and I have had a few plants now that haven't died on us. Yay! I recently decided I wasn't happy enough just growing some plants that look pretty. I needed some that I could eat, so I decided to attempt to grow some herbs. And yes, this is yet another blog that features food. What can I say, some of our best memories tend to revolve around food!
I decided to start with basil and cilantro.
 The cilantro is looking a little sad,
but the basil is doing well.
I added it to some caprese salad...
and topped our pizza with it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amit's Birthday Bash - Part 2!

Sadly, our fun had to come to an end at some point. On Sunday we headed to Newport, RI to do some shopping! It was a very successful trip. Amit got the rest of his birthday present - some Sperry's he found at half off. It was a great deal! We had a lot of fun walking from shop to shop, there's a lot of fun stuff to buy in Newport. (We did use our self-control though.)

In case you thought that we were still full from our giant helping of wings the night before, you are wrong. Let's think though... how could Amit's birthday weekend get any better?
With a bowl of chili, 
his other favorite food!
I forgot to get a picture before the chili was almost gone,
so I didn't make the same mistake with our meals!
(Amit got a wrap, but it didn't fit in the pic)
Seth really enjoyed his burger...
Even the waitress said so!
After shopping around downtown Newport, we drove around to see some sights. We were cold and tired, so we didn't really walk the Cliffwalk. It was still a nice view.
 I got a nice shot of Kirsten and Seth too!
Before we went home, we stopped to see a windmill
that Amit had seen on a card.
He's was sad that it wasn't working. 
It was a great weekend, filled with friends, fun, and of course plenty of food. Hopefully Amit enjoyed his little birthday trip. I know I sure did!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amit's Birthday Bash - Part 1

More like bashes... as in more than one. (Yes, Amit really is that loved!)

On Friday, Amit's actual birthday, we headed to the Keyes house. Abby's third birthday was on Thursday so we had to have a little celebration for the two of them. Silly me, I forgot to bring my camera. Tamsen made us pad thai. Delicious! It was like we were at a restaurant, she's an amazing cook. We will definitely be making pad thai night a regular occurrence. I had fun helping make some chocolate butterflies while the boys played Wii. You can see the cake here. Thanks again, Tamsen!!

Now on to day 2 of our 3 day celebration. On Saturday afternoon we headed to Hartford, CT, which was the closest BWW to Boston.
On our drive out, the skies look nasty...
but Amit didn't care. 
He loves storm clouds!
After checking in to the hotel, we headed to the restaurant.
He was so happy! 
(It was bright, so he drove with his eyes shut.)
We played some trivia while we waited for our food.
His friends picked names so that the scoreboard looked like this...
(Flea was not one of us... He was our enemy. Still don't know who he was.)
Before we knew it, our wings were here!
Amit got 24. Then ate 2 of my boneless.
Time to dig in!
He also tried a habanero wing (bringing him to 27 wings total)...
Unfortunately it wasn't as spicy as we thought.
(We were hoping for a funny face!)
If the hat fits, wear it.
Here is the BU crew that drove all the way to CT for some wings.
Thanks guys, you totally made his birthday!
Amit and Seth had special hats.
(Too bad I didn't get a picture of Seth stomping his feet when his hat blew away,
he did run after it and caught it, so it was okay.)
(Amit is also very happy after several beers - too funny!)
Oh BWW - how we love you!
After the rest of the crowd headed back to Boston, we headed out to a bar. Amit was super excited. We ended up going to the same bar where Derrick had danced with Amit on his shoulders, but that's a story for another time. Amit had a few more drinks, enjoyed hanging with a couple of his UConn Dental friends, and danced. A lot. When he's had some drinks he gets crazy about his dancing, its too funny! Too bad I didn't get any pictures of it. He stole my camera and took a few shots. So here they are.
He and Seth wanted a picture of Kirsten smiling...
so here she is laughing at them. 
He also took a picture of us girls... 
Liz (3rd year at BU), me, and Kirsten.
This photo is so much nicer than the one with Seth's hand in it!
After all the fun at the bar, we headed back to the hotel. We were exhausted. Here's some proof:
Kirsten looks ready for bed.
 Totally unrelated - check out the welt that Dee gave Amit 
during paintball. She shot him in the back before she realized who he was.

And then I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of just me and the birthday boy... So here it is.

After all that photo fun, we headed to bed... Had to get our rest so that we could enjoy Newport the next day. Yep, we celebrated Amit's birthday over three days in three different states!