Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Dresser Re-do

I can't say that we haven't done anything this month. We've actually been really busy and done a lot of fun things. This project has been finished for a while and just waiting to be posted, so I guess there's no time like the present!

Our place in NY has a lot of space, much more than we're used to. While that is a very good thing, it means that I'm keeping an eye out for pieces of furniture to add to our home. (Amit would probably say I have too much stuff, but technically I have lots of decor, not a lot of furniture.) Our second bedroom serves as a guest room right now and since our bookshelves need to be moved downstairs to fill the basement with some furniture, I needed something to add to upstairs. Since we obviously enjoy building things together, we've decided that if we need a new piece for the house, we're going to try to either build it or do a little re-do.

I found this dresser on Craigslist and since it was right in our price range, Amit ran over after work and snatched it up. I love the idea of two-toned furniture, like this piece, but we went with a more subtle look, based on this one.
Oops. I forgot to take a "before" pic.
Here's what I got!
(Amit didn't want to put the knobs back on the other shelves,
I guess I can't really  blame him.)
Drawers are out...
Let the painting begin (again)!
In the middle of painting...
(Obviously we focus more on painting, than picture taking.) 
And our finished product!

I think we'll be going with a beach-themed guestroom, since the dresser has some shell accents. It'll be our little piece of the east coast in our NY home! Now I just need to find a new piece of furniture to work on...

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