Monday, February 15, 2010

All you need is love

Valentine's Day was much more exciting back when we first started dating. After 6 Valentine's Days together, we know it is just a Hallmark holiday. Since this was our first married Valentine's and one on a dental school budget, we decided to be smart shoppers and refused to spend money on cards or flowers. Amit got Cool Runnings, in honor of the Winter Olympics (and it being one of his favorite movies). I'm looking forward to getting a new plant (I'm trying to develop a green thumb).

So how did your favorite newlyweds celebrate Valentine's Day?
We started celebrating on Saturday night by going out for dinner at Captain Fishbones. It was delicious! We skipped their fantastic, but more fancy seafood dishes and opted instead for more American fare. Amit got a burger and I went with my standard fish and chips. Yummy!!
We came home from the restaurant and curled up on the couch to digest as we watched the Winter Olympics. Then Seth and Kirsten came over and we all watched a movie.
On Valentine's Day, I woke up to the smell of waffles cooking. Amit is really good at making waffles! I love when he lets me sleep in until the food is almost ready... After enjoying breakfast and more recorded Olympic footage, we headed off to run some errands. Yep, that's how we married people spend V-Day. Shopping is always fun, though. We went to The North Face to buy me some hiking shoes. We were really excited when we saw that they were on sale, too!! Woo-hoo! After stopping at a few other stores in the city, we grabbed a very romantic (and satisfying) lunch at Burger King. Grocery shopping was followed by...
That's right! More Olympics!!! It is fun to watch snow sports, since there is almost NO snow here. 
We picked up some crab cakes at the grocery store and spent some quality time in the kitchen, together. It was nice to be cooking along side each other, rather than me making dinner by myself. I enjoy talking to someone while cooking. Our dinner of crab cakes, couscous, and green beans was delicious and easy! We finished off our Valentine's Day by watching some chick flicks, since it was obviously a romantic holiday. (Amit is not a fan of most romantic comedies, but he gave in to me.)

Today we went hiking in the Middlesex Fells with friends. It was a very fun Valentine's weekend celebrated with some quality time by ourselves and some with our very dear friends!

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