Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lights, Camera, Impressions

Christmas has sprung up on us this year. The dog must be keeping us too busy to notice the time flying by. Now we're just over a week away from going back home for Christmas! To get us in the Christmas spirit and enjoy a little bit of togetherness before we all go home for the holidays, Mel invited us over for some delicious chicken chili and then we headed off to look at the big tree in Quincy Market. We had to stop for a fabulous photo op:
Annie, Derrick, and Mel
 Your favorite couple
 Kirsten & Seth
After all of that fun on Friday, we headed to the clinic bright and early for my recall visit and so Amit could take my impressions. He'll be making me a bleaching tray and a night guard. He did a great job (again). The impressions went great, I didn't gag or anything, so hopefully he's proud of me! I even managed to snap a few pictures with my phone. Enjoy!
Trying to smile with all that stuff in my mouth
 Not a bad sight to look at while getting impressions done...
Can't leave a post without talking about Emma. Saturday was nice enough to play a good game of catch outside. She loves to hit the ball around with her paws. She's too cute!

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