Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Master Suite (Finally)

Has it really been a year since my last blog post? Whoops!! It's been a busy year, with lots of local hiking, some trips to visit friends, and of course, house projects. I guess now that summer has come and gone (and Ron and Mom have done their annual week of work), I should update everyone on what's happening here in Ithaca.
Good food and relaxing on the deck are key to CrossFit recovery.
Now our rainfall showerhead is on the list, too!

Our bedroom has actually been finished for quite a while, I've just clearly been a slacker by not posting anything to the blog (SORRY!). Going back through our original pictures of the house is pretty crazy.

Our bedroom before...

Is that really the same room we have now?
I forgot how green it used to be!

We still have to update the inside of the closet to maximize the space, but our priority this spring was to have a fully functioning master bathroom. Technically we did a half-DIY for the bathroom, we left the plumbing, electrical, drywall, and tiling to the experts. Amit did install the shower doors, toilet, and vanity. Then we decided we needed to customize floating shelves. Now that everything is finished (aside from the backsplash), it looks fantastic!

It really helped that this room was a blank slate!
It was so nice to come home to progress every day, without actually doing the work!
Amit's hard work
We have doors!
Poor Emma!

Are you ready for the reveal??
And the other side...

I absolutely love how it turned out! 
It's even better than what I had pictured when we started.
The plus side to an empty bathroom?
It was so easy for them to give us two showerheads!

So there is my much overdue house update! Let's hope I can be better about updating this blog when the school year starts... 

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