Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Gang's All Here!

All of our very special guests arrived on Thursday for the graduation festivities. I think it would be an understatement to say we were excited. The boys hadn't seen each other since Christmas and since we've only been waiting four years for this day, they were ECSTATIC to be together to hang out.

We brought everyone to one of our favorite restaurants, Yard House, for dinner. We had a blast catching up and talking about what was to come during graduation weekend.

The boys!

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to hang out and enjoy our special graduation treat!
Cookies and Cream cake...
In the shape of a tooth!
 (Almost) Dr. Patel and his cake!
 Thanks for finishing the cake, Nate!

 Everyone loved the gift bags!

After the parents left our hotel room, the real fun started... Not much has changed over the years. I love it like that! It makes for a good laugh.
I think Ray started it...

It was a great start to graduation weekend! Next up, Amit Patel becomes a Doctor of Dental Medicine!

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