Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Crafting with Mom

Since Mom and Ron were cruising in Alaska for part of our visit, I wanted to do something relaxing with her when she got back. I found some very cute projects on Pinterest, so Mom and I had a very fun craft day!

Our projects involved lots of painting.
Day 1 of Crafting  was a success!

Project 1 - Flag Blocks
I love all projects made from 2x4s!
They found a great place on our island!

Project 2 - Firecrackers!
(And they remind me of Rice Krispies - hilarious!)
These turned out great!

Project 3 - Eat
Since we can't make a penny covered bar quite yet,
this will have to do!
I'm in LOVE!

I did bring my herbs in the car to Chicago,
then back to NY.
They're hanging in there!
(And look like they might be growing, too!)

I had a great time back in Schaumburg hanging out with the family! I felt so relaxed AND productive. I still can't believe I got all of those projects done! Now it's time to figure out what Mom and I are going to create for Christmas...

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