Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Latest Primal Recipes

Apologies for the lack of posts! Between school assignments, student teaching, and my quick weekend visits to NY, time has gone by way too quickly! (And I've been slacking on my blogging!) I'm back in Mass now, busy with school and student teaching. It's so great being back in the classroom! I've already been busy with assignments, and I have my first faculty observation tomorrow (eek!). It's hard to believe that we've already been in school for three weeks! Now I only have to survive three more months before I'm back in NY for good. I have a feeling that with all the work I need to do, it will fly by! Now that I've talked about the work I'm supposed to be doing right now, I'll get back to my blogging break.

Aside from our occasional "cheat" treats, I'm primal and still going strong. Amit's been mostly primal, though he can't quite give up the beer, burgers, and wings. My favorite part of being primal has been finding new recipes to experiment with! Cooking together is one of our favorite things to do, and we definitely miss being together in the kitchen every night.

Here are some of our favorite new recipes. Some aren't totally primal, but we tweak it to make it work!

Taco Salad
So easy and we don't even miss the tortillas!

A really easy veggie bake.
And a burger made of  local, grass-fed beef!

It wasn't too bad, but I wasn't impressed.
Think I'll just skip the whole lasagna thing. 
Too much work!

Our absolute favorite new recipe - 

I'm trying to get creative and eat more vegetables.
Brussels sprouts with cranberry-pistachio pesto works for me!

For my sweet tooth - 
Fruit with whipped or plain cream.
Oh, and the occasional piece of dark chocolate.

Hopefully I made you good and hungry! In addition to the cooking and schoolwork, we've been doing some hiking, but haven't taken many pictures. Next weekend, Amit is headed back to MA and we're planning to head up to Keene to do some hiking. I promise, I will take pictures then!

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