Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Update

Yikes. Its been a while since I posted. Sorry! It looks like this month hasn't been living up to my New Year's Resolution. Oh well, next month is looking to be a lot busier! We're looking forward to a very special birthday road trip that should be a lot of fun to blog about.

Besides working and studying, there haven't been too many exciting things happening here, so I guess it is time for a random blog update.

Our attempt to be more creative, yet simple and quick, with our meals is still working. We've been on a pizza kick lately, which I don't mind one bit.
Amit loved when I decided to make meatball subs!
I haven't been as creative with my cooking, but he's been staying late at school to practice, so it isn't worth it. Maybe I'll try to make fancier meals this summer... I guess we'll see. ;-)

So I've been trying to expand my crafting horizons and take advantage of the crafty genius that is Tamsen... Check out some of my projects, I was pretty impressed myself.
I saw the idea for appliqued onesies on Martha.
I like ours better.
My favorite was the sailboat, so I made one for Ben and one for me. 
We also made a baby quilt for Derrick & Mel's soon-to-arrive baby girl.
Tamsen found the idea for the quilt online, it was so cute!
I am very proud of myself - I actually sewed straight lines!
Here's a close up of the cute fabric flowers.
The baby quilt was a very exciting project... I used the sewing machine and learned how to hand sew so that the finished quilt looked super nice. I think I'm going to have to find a new quilt project to do in the next two years, so I can fine tune my new sewing skills.

Let's see, what else do we do to keep busy? Well, on Saturday night we babysat the Keyes kids. Pizza, three cute (well-behaved) kids, and some Mario Kart made for a fun little date night for us. Oh yeah, and their parents. ;-) In case anyone needs to amuse a baby, 5 year old, and a grown man, I have a great solution. Stick them all in front of a video game.
Look how focused all three of them are...
Too cute!
The kids were great! We always have a good time with them (and their parents). It was a nice, relaxing evening. Free of studying, too. Woo-hoo!!

That is about all that we have been up to this month... Nothing too exciting, sorry! I hope that April showers will bring not only May flowers, but some fun outings, as well.


  1. Great picture of the 3 boys!

  2. Thanks!! I thought it was too funny, so I had to grab my camera.