Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Our first married Easter has come and gone. After a very nice Easter service, Amit needed to get some study time in before we went to the Keyes' for Easter dinner.

So off we went, to the best place in the world to study. Can you guess?

The Beach!
It was beautiful out and we were so excited to be able to hang out at the beach. We picked up lunch from a little beach front restaurant. Food, crashing waves, a good book (at least for me), and the sun beating down on us makes for a heavenly afternoon. 

For those of you who doubt that Amit is capable of studying while on the beach, I figured I would take a picture for proof. 
Note the notecards in his right hand!
After several hours of the bright, beating sun, I was ready to go inside. Its a good thing I did, I am a beautiful shade of pink. ;-)  I don't mind, in another day it'll turn into more of a tan color and it was worth every minute out under the sun. (I totally got my daily dose of Vitamin D though!) 

Sadly, those are the only two pictures I took of our Easter. I forgot about my camera when we were with our friends. The DMDs studied for a while before dinner, which was good, from what I hear their pharmacology test went well today. I had brought grape salad and crescent roles for dinner, so somehow I got lucky enough to be little Ben's cuddle buddy. While Ben was sleeping on me, his big brother Aiden wanted to play some Battleship. Needless to say, I practiced some good multitasking skills during that game. Dinner was fantastic! Tamsen is an amazing cook and Melinda had baked a delicious lemon cake. It was a nice break for our dedicated studiers. We are so blessed to have such a great dental family!

We totally enjoyed our Easter. It isn't too difficult to convince ourselves that we have to go to the beach, when its 70 degrees out. I think we'll need to find a house close to a body of water, those crashing waves do wonders for your stress.

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