Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clean Teeth and Craft Time!

I apologize for the lack of blogging... There really hasn't been much going on. That is, until last weekend.

Amit's been super busy in clinic seeing patients. It is fantastic for him, rather boring for me. We got lucky last weekend - one of his patients decided to switch his appointment, which meant that there was a Saturday appointment just for me!

So off we went to the BU 5th floor clinic. Amit did the data collection part, which consisted of an exam. The highlight of that part? Him telling me that I don't have any cavities. Boo-yah!! (Amit always threatens cavities since I don't floss religiously.) The probing (sounds nasty, I know) was so not as bad as expected. He did a fabulous job and I was pleasantly surprised. Then I sat back and he got to cleaning my teeth. I didn't take too many pictures, he was focused and I didn't want to distract him too much.
Waiting for the cleaning portion to start
 My handsome dentist
(Not sure if he's smiling behind that mask)
Amit at work
Love the action shot!
My gorgeous, super clean smile!
I grind my teeth at night and want to bleach them, so we have to schedule an appointment to do impressions. Amit's going to love watching me squirm during that appointment, so I'm sure we'll take lots of pictures!

I've also been rather productive in the crafting area. I finally got my act together, bought my Ikea frames, and worked under Tamsen's watchful eye to finish this awesome project. I loved the one she has hanging in her house and decided to copy it. It turned out great!!
My second project was inspired by a feature in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine. When the Kruegers were in town we had Krissy help us out. I just got it printed in sepia tones and we picked it up from the framing store on Saturday. It turned out way better than expected!!
My third project, which I'm just started after more than a year of marriage is our wedding scrapbook. I'm hoping to be done with it before Christmas so I can bring it home and show it off.

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