Sunday, April 1, 2012

Get Ready!

We are six weeks away from graduation now... Are you ready for it?? We are! I thought I'd give you a taste of what's to come the weekend of May 18th...

Goody bag prep.

Amit got his big birthday/graduation present early...

...filled it up...

... and of course he had to make sure the cigars worked correctly.
Thanks for the second opinion, Seth!

 Who's going to become a Super Cavity Fighter?

This guy!
(Run away cavities!!)

I'd be intimidated if I was a cavity. Thankfully I have "super cavity-fighting" teeth thanks to some good genes! That's probably his biggest disappointment from the last four years - he never got to drill my teeth! (Can we all pray that never happens? I think he's a good dentist and all that, but I doubt he'd be as good with me squeezing his hand out of fear.)

Last thing on my graduation prep list for this week? Invitations. Let's hope they turn out as well as I hoped!

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