Saturday, October 23, 2010

And baby makes three!

Ha! I knew that would get your attention! We are now the proud parents of a beautiful four-legged baby girl. We adopted Emma, a 9 month old yellow lab mix, and picked her up this morning! She's fabulous. She was hyper when she got off the trailer, but settled down quickly. She will definitely make a great running partner, if we can get her to stop sniffing everything. (Her mix? Her foster mom thinks part hound. Definitely explains the sniffing.)

Ready for all the pictures? Here we go -

Our first picture of Emma.
Super excited to explore!
 Running to Mom
Emma loves getting her belly rubbed.
Excited to head to her new home.
Exhausted from all the excitement
She was running all over today any time she wasn't sleeping. Hopefully I'll get some even better pictures tomorrow when we go for a hike. She seems to be fitting in just fine; she knows our house and goes right to the back door. She even brought all her toys into her crate, which was hilarious! She'd bring one in, play with it, look up and see us and come running. Too cute! She's still exhausted - she's laying next to me on the couch right now! Enough gushing about the new dog, you'll have many more posts to read in the near future!

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