Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend Visitors

Dad and Dylan came out for a quick visit this past weekend. Thank goodness they did, we (at least I was for sure) were in desperate need of some family time. It didn't hurt that they brought us pumpkin pie, fudge, and apple cider donuts from Goebberts!!

They got in late Friday night, so after a quick tour of the apartment we headed to bed. We had to come up with a new New England experience, so we spent Saturday in the White Mountains enjoying the fall foliage. My camera is acting funky, so I didn't take any pictures. (Shocking, I know.) Dad took some video with his iPhone, so I'll let you enjoy the footage that he shot (and spare you the unending blog full of pictures).

We came back to Boston in time to enjoy a delicious dinner in the North End and some yummy desserts. We were pretty chill on Sunday. We took them to our favorite Indian buffet, which is the fanciest and the tastiest Indian buffet we've been to, and walked around the mall to please Dylan before we dropped them off at the airport.

We had a lot of fun and were so sad that it was such a short visit. Eating our donuts in the morning does help to ease our pain, a little. Hopefully time will fly by and our trip back home for Christmas will come quickly.

Thanks again for being our Columbus Day visitors, Dad and Dylan!!

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