Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is here!

Finally we got some nice weather in Boston! As Amit would say, it's shorts weather! It was a fabulous weekend. I loved hanging out in the sun and cleaning the house with the windows open. Hooray for fresh air!

Spring cleaning means that the chairs come out of the garage and onto the front porch. Apparently it means that Amit and Emma will be sharing many a good conversation while sitting out there. Too funny!
We spent Saturday with Derrick and Mel. We went out to Redbones for some great BBQ and sweet tea. Nothing says summer is almost here like driving with the windows down, listening to some country, and Amit pigging out on some quality ribs. After lunch we walked around the Arnold Arboretum. Some of the flowers were blooming and we had a little impromptu photo shoot with Annie. She loved it!

No post is complete without a picture of Emma. Weekends are for laundry. After we came back from our walk and started to fold laundry, she got tired and decided to sprawl out on the floor next to the basket. She cracks us up!

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