Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!

It's hard to believe it's March 1st already... even harder to believe that I get to celebrate by having a snow day! The "storm" hit yesterday afternoon, we only got an inch of snow here. Near work, they were expecting 6-10 inches between yesterday and today, when the snow is supposed to stop. We'll see how much they actually got when I go back tomorrow.

I decided to take a break from studying to do a little crafting. On Saturday night, the boys went to a dental debate, so Mel, Kirsten, and I hung out and I tried out some new earrings. I found the tutorial from here on Pinterest.
All you have to do is open your paperclip,
wrap embroidery floss around the paperclip,
and then from side to side.

Et voila! 
Gorgeous earrings!

I made a pair in teal on Saturday and I love them! Next up - metallic or sparkly embroidery floss... Those will be awesome! I also had time to make more flowers for Grayson. I haven't worked out the final details on how I'm going to put them on the hair clips or headbands, but this was a good start! I followed this tutorial for the most part and I think they look cute!

Fabric flowers!
I'm really excited to finish my other projects this weekend and get them all wrapped up and ready to send to Grayson! It was nice to have a bonus day to work on my projects! Let's hope that I don't have to many "oops" sewing photos to take this weekend!

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