Sunday, June 26, 2011

Florida Getaway

I have to say I'm rather impressed that I'm blogging about our trip only a week after going. I must be back on top of my game! Anyways, now to stay focused...

We've been missing our Schaumburg group a lot lately and we've been in dire need of a vacation. So we figured, why not combine the two and go to Pensacola? Ray flew down from Chicago. Jeremy and Maggie (and Walt, too) were awesome hosts! It was great to relax on the beach with some great friends. We flew in on Thursday morning and after a delicious BBQ lunch we headed to the beach. It was overcast, but warm!!

Pensacola Beach
Dinner at Flounder's
 Baked oysters... Yum!!
The boys posed for a group shot in front of the boat.
Friday was rainy, but by the time we went out to dinner, it had cleared up. Since we couldn't skip the beach, we headed out to go enjoy the moonlight and the sound of crashing waves. It was a beautiful night and we were serenaded by three boys who ended up singing whatever songs popped into their heads.
A very happy boy
 Thank goodness for technology - 
After seeing other people searching for crab, 
Ray took out his iPhone and used the flashlight app to search.
 One of my favorite pictures of the guys. 
This one is frame-worthy!
Saturday was our last day in Pensacola and was by far the sunniest and warmest!! After sleeping in, we headed to the beach!!
Throwing the football around
 Someone had a little too much fun in the sun!
 We did some grilling at their place for a final dinner. It was delicious! The boys did a great job with the grill.
It was a great trip. We were sorry it had to go by so quickly. We're definitely going to be taking trips down to Florida more often!! Hope Jeremy and Maggie are ready for us!

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