Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mother-Daughter Week, Continued

The only other "free" day for me was Friday and since Amit was actually off that day, too, we knew we had to think up something big. So, seeing as Mom loves all things historical, and I love a good mansion, what do you think we did? We surprised her with a trip to Newport to tour The Breakers!! I managed to keep it a secret until we were driving down to Rhode Island and the signs started to say Newport, x miles. Then I just couldn't contain myself. I was super excited - Amit and Mom weren't quite as sure about having to pay to tour it. It was seriously worth it! The self-guided audio tour was amazing. We learned so much and saw so much of the house. It was awesome! It's a bummer that we can't take pictures inside, so I made sure to get some outside.
The gate - I want one.
 The Breakers
Seriously - can you imagine this being your SUMMER house?
Shoot - I'd be like forget the city, I'm living here all the time!
Exploring the ocean-view side of The Breakers after our tour.
The ocean.
Seriously one of my favorite pics ever!
The side view of the mansion.
Amit took a few pictures of us on the Cliff Walk.
He did a great job!
We had a great visit, ate lunch at The Red Parrot, and took Mom to our favorite antique store. We had to show Mom the giant throttle (Thanks for getting me the name, Nate!) that Amit wants to buy when we have money. I have to admit - I would buy that AND a steering wheel AND some lanterns AND whatever other awesome boat stuff we could find. They all would look AWESOME!

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