Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She swims!

Last week we decided to head up to New Hampshire so Emma could get some more time in the water. She is a funny dog and is definitely a little scared of the water. We pulled over on the Kancamagus Highway and decided to venture into the Swift River and see what we'd find. Lucky for us, you could walk into the water (Emma hates having to jump into it) and we stumbled upon a little swimming hole (too deep for her to walk in). After trying to get out of the swimming part by walking along the side, she gave in and swam to Momma!

Trying to walk in the river,
Momma nearly fell in!

So we're obviously totally dorky doggie parents, but since we're childless for now, guess you'll just have to keep putting up with the stories. We were very excited to see that she actually knew what to do, looks like a camping trip near a lake is in our future!

One last photo - I took this one with my phone when Oma and I were hiking with Emma. It's the best one and I totally forgot to post it! Enjoy!

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