Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exploring Rochester

I'm back! Honestly, besides Amit's Haiti trip, there hasn't been much to blog about recently. Lucky for me, that's changing! We are now less than two weeks away from welcoming Grayson into the group, so I have a few baby girl projects to get working on. Pictures will follow! I also am enjoying February vacation this week. I have lots of schoolwork and studying to do, but I will hopefully be able to devote a little time to crafting.

Back to the reason for this blog post. Amit, Emma, and I were able to drive to Rochester on Sunday and spent the majority of Monday exploring the neighborhoods, the hospital, and one of the real highlights of our new home.

Thanks to Ron's travels, we stayed at one of the La Quinta's in Rochester on Ron's tab. (Thank you, Ron!) The hotel was great, Emma was just a pain in the butt. She didn't want to sleep on the chair or in the bed with us (since she never does), so she kept moving around all night long. I wasn't too bothered by it, but Amit was definitely annoyed. (She must not have cared that we had to drive home, since she then slept the entire 6 hour drive home, while poor Amit had to stay awake and do some of the driving.)

Amit stopped by the hospital to finally meet the director in person and check out the clinic. He loved it and is really excited to start there! Emma and I went to check out Lake Ontario and went for a little walk alongside the beach. The paved bike path was great; we'll definitely be heading there for some nice, early-morning walks!
Our Walk
(Yep, that's some snow still on the beach.)

I loved our visit, even though it was really quick. We actually saw a decent amount of the surrounding suburbs and have narrowed down where we'll look for a rental. While we were driving we learned some important information.
1 - We are super close to the lake, which will be lots of fun. 
2 - It seems like there are lots of park areas to explore. 
3 - There is a HOBBY LOBBY!!!!
4 - Rochester also has a Jimmy John's AND Little Caesar's. 
(Seriously, how did we live without them?)
5 - The hospital is right near one of the highways, 
which should make Amit's commute easy.

So now that we've physically been to Rochester, we're getting rather excited! Amit will start orientation at the end of June, so hopefully we'll have time to move, make a quick trip to Chicago, and unpack everything before I start classes in July. We're now four months from the move and three months away from graduation! Looks like we better get ready for some new adventures!

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