Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One down...

... many more to go.

Here is a snapshot of all the craziness that was our first year of marriage. There were so many new experiences and new friendships made, we are so blessed to have had such an amazing (though at times rather boring) year.
Obviously the year started with a bang...
 We headed to Rockport, MA, for our first sightseeing trip out east.
We spent the summer picking fruit with Seth and Kirsten...
and then baking delicious desserts!
In August we went whale watching,
the highlight of our summer.
We bonded with new friends on the beach.
Had a wet and dry visit with Dad and Dylan 
to celebrate my first birthday in Boston. 
Then came time to enjoy our first fall in New England,
with some apple picking and sightseeing in NH.
 Enjoyed our local colors with a hike.
Enjoyed more bonding with friends over cinnamon rolls and wings.
Dressed up like a cow couple for Halloween, trick or treated in Beacon Hill,
and went to our first BU Hockey game.
November brought our first married holiday and we hosted!
Rockband and turkey are a great combination!
We bought cross country skis in December,
what a great winter workout!
John took great Christmas photos of us.
On the beach.
In the cold.
Our first Christmas came,
and so did family!
January was uneventful, except for our belated Christmas trip back home!
February was winter road trip month. 
First was to Franconia Notch for a little skiing with Seth.
We headed to Portland, ME to check out the sites.
Nate's birthday was in March...
and he and Melanie celebrated with us! In Boston!!!
Easter was celebrated with our BU family and some beach time.
I obviously love Amit - we drove to BWW to celebrate him.
And then, all of a sudden, we're in June.
We actually survived a whole year together.
And celebrated in our favorite place, the coast.
It was so fun looking back at the pictures we've taken over the past year. We've made some great friends and memories! I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us, so far it has included some more beach time!! (Yes, we love the ocean/beach/sun. If you are feeling jealous, come on out and visit us.) Maybe I'll even take the time to blog about more serious topics... Let me know what you want us to tell you about!

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