Saturday, January 5, 2013

Enjoying the Snow

Well, we've been wanting good snow the last few winters, and clearly we got it! Our first winter in NY has definitely made up for the past two years of disappointing snowfall in MA. Since we have more than a foot of powdery snow, we were so ready to take out our skis last weekend.
It was still snowing on Saturday morning,
so we went out and skied near some ponds close to home.

On Sunday, since the weather was nice,
we went skiing at Mendon Ponds Park.
There were lots of people out skiing and sledding and snowshoeing.

Since Emma doesn't come skiing with us,
we took her back to Mendon Ponds to hike on New Year's Day.
What a strange dog. She likes to sniff and stick her head under the snow.

And just for reference - 
This was the pile of snow outside our house on New Year's Eve.

 We had a low-key New Year's.
We had ribs on Christmas Day (one of our new traditions), so we decided to start another rib tradition for New Year's Day.
Only problem with this plan? We had to shovel our way to the grill!
Our ribs and Brussels Sprouts and Kale salad with bacon.
A totally primal way to start 2013!

Having all this snow on the ground was a great start to the New Year and thanks to one of my Christmas presents, I have even more awesome food projects to work on!

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