Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Snowed!

We have snow! Lots and lots of snow! Thanks to winter storm Euclid (Since when do they name them, anyways?), we have about 17 inches of snow on the ground right now. We left early on Christmas night so that we had plenty of time to pick up groceries and get settled before the storm hit on Wednesday afternoon/evening. The majority of the snow fell on Wednesday night, so Amit saw it before he went into work on Thursday morning.
Amit thinks that Emma gets too cold when she's outside,
so we bought her a jacket.
Wednesday's Snow
Thursday's Snow
She likes the jacket, but wasn't a fan of the deep snow.
Trying to escape the snow.
The mountain of snow from plowing.
From time to time, she would sink into the snow.
She hated that part.
When Amit came home from work, we shoveled the driveway again.
And he climbed the mountain.
The best part of her jacket is that it is reflective!
Emma also tried to figure out the snow from the inside.
She also started to lean over the snowbanks to sniff things.
Crazy dog.
Maybe there's something down there?
Time to go home!

What do we do when there's over a foot and a half of snow on the ground? Well, it's the perfect excuse to clean the house, try out some new Christmas presents, and eat some guacamole. Oh yeah, and we get to use our SKIS! We've used them twice already and it isn't even January yet. It's looking like New York will be a great state to live in, even in the winter!

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