Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Bed For Emma

I haven't been doing much crafting lately, but I did manage to make an awesome bed for Emma! We'd been looking around for beds, but we couldn't find anything that we really liked. So, I decided to get creative and use some fleece and foam from the store to make a very unique bed.
Dylan and I found a square piece of foam at Joann's on Black Friday,
bought some thick cotton padding,
and made a slip cover to go over the foam.
(Now I have a bed with covers that can be CLEANED!)
She absolutely loves her bed.
She doesn't even come up to sleep by our bed anymore!
Anything that is white gets dirty within a day, 
plus Amit wanted her to have a Bears bed.
I cut out pieces of fleece and sewed them into a sort of pillowcase.
(Emma loves playing on whatever fabric I'm trying to measure.
Yes, that's a tennis ball.)
Here's my cover after piecing it all together.
It actually fit perfectly!!
Here's our lovely model showing off her new bed - 
(Looks just like Daddy in pictures, her eyes are closed.)
I love it!
Comfortable and surrounded by all her toys!

I'm still a little in shock that my project actually worked out, since I haven't been doing much sewing. But the bed was so easy, I have a feeling I will be making some pillows this summer to brighten up our home! I do have some big craft projects coming up, but those will have to wait for it to be a little warmer outside...

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