Saturday, August 17, 2013

Taking a Break from the DIY

We spent most of July working on the house, which was totally exhausting. Let's just say we've had a few days where neither of us wanted to do much of anything. But, if you know the two of us, you'll know we also find nature relaxing. Since we haven't had much time for a real vacation, we've been exploring the awesome hiking in Ithaca, as well as the fun summer activities here in town. As a bonus, Amit's weekday off is Wednesday, so we've been loving the fact that we get three whole days to explore together! (And Wednesdays make for some very quiet hiking, it's so nice to be able to avoid all the tourists.)

With three state parks all within 15 minutes, 
we've been getting a lot of good hikes in.
This was at Treman State Park.
We spent our Friday nights in July at Cornell, 
listening to the free concerts.
And eating some awesome ice cream.
During the week, we go for our nightly walk along the inlet.
Emma loves it!
The last time Ron and Mom were in town,
we took a little time out to do some shopping.
Mom and I are going to do some fun decorating with these!

We took this photo on our first hike in Taughannock State Park.
We had a big storm last week, 
and this was the same waterfall two days after the rain.
And this was the Upper Falls in Treman this past Wednesday.
We couldn't hike along the gorge because of the damage.

And what do we do on our Saturday mornings?
We go to the Farmer's Market, of course!
Well, after buying our eggs, meat and veggies for the week,
we sit next to the water and enjoy some fantastic breakfast burritos!
(And a little sparkling, fresh orange juice with a shot of beet juice.)
We're having a great time here in Ithaca and keep finding awesome new places to go! It's been great to have so much to do when we don't feel like painting trim.

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