Monday, November 30, 2009

Can't forget Max

I feel so bad right now!! At least Max isn't human, he won't mind being left out in my blog. (I feel bad that I left him out!)

BUT... He is my second most favorite part of the Chicago trip. (First being Nate's race, of course!) He was so excited to see me! He even slept between Mom and I on the bed, it was a slumber party!

What do Amit and I hate about Boston most?? It doesn't have Max in it! We miss having him hang out on the couch with us while we watch TV, sharing our dinner with him, and playing catch with him. Not having a dog around makes Amit want to get one...

But for now, Amit will have to deal with a special visit. Why? Because we only have to wait a few more weeks to see our Max... He's coming to Boston for Christmas!! That will definitely be an adventure!

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  1. Heather. Seriously that is a great picture of you. I think it deserves a place on your wall. And thanks for all the well-wishing and luck on my test. You're the best.