Saturday, December 5, 2009

So much to be thankful for...

We've had a year full of blessings! Married life in Boston is fantastic. We love New England and have the best time exploring all it has to offer. Amit's almost halfway done with school and just finished his first board exam. The best part of Boston, though, is the amazing group of people that we are blessed to call our friends!

So to celebrate our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife, and to give thanks for friends, I offered to cook the turkey and have everyone who was still in town over for some food... oh, and of course some Rockband!
John is always up for some Rock Band... 
and his kids are following in his footsteps!
Aiden even tried to sing and play drums at the same time...
We just didn't tell him that the drums/mic were actually off when he did.

So I definitely figured out the best way to keep hungry boys from getting impatient when waiting for dinner... Turn on Rockband. They probably played it for a good two hours before we ate.
I even got a chance to play in between turkey checks... 
although Abby enjoyed stealing my mic!

We got lots of quality Rockband time before our big meal... Now its time for the big reveal. Yep, the first turkey I have ever cooked on my own! It was a 21 pound turkey, stuffed with citrus and onion, with an herb butter rub. Sounds good, right??
My fantastically delicious turkey!
There was a LOT of food!
Tamsen made pumpkin cheesecake for dessert... Yum!
So all of us adults were in a food coma after dinner, but the kids were still full of energy. Aiden kept asking over and over again when we could play Rockband, but Abby amused herself for a while... Amit's shark oven mitt came in handy! (I definitely never expected us to use it this way when he put it on our registry!)
Abby came up, would bite us and say "Gotcha!"
So the big kids finally gave into Aiden (I mean, come on, who could really say no to him?) and started up again with Rockband. They put on quite a show! Here are some of my favorite random shots from the rest of the night... 
Amit admiring his handiwork... or maybe just wanting to eat it? 

Aiden has some real Rockband star potential!
Abby fell asleep on Tamsen, so John took this picture... How cute!!
Then when Abby woke up, I stole his camera to get this shot!
I think I'm getting pretty good at action shots...
Abby enjoyed playing with my stuffed animals...
this is her "Amit don't you dare touch my toy" face!
Here's a great shot of my handsome husband
Melissa took this picture of John "attacking" Tamsen!
She turned into our official Thanksgiving photographer...
Celebrating after Abby hit some notes when singing!

So that was our awesome Thanksgiving... Hopefully getting together like this will become a tradition, at least for the next two years!