Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our New Saturday Night

Wondering what we do in a wonderful city like Boston on a Saturday night? Me too!

Since the boards are so close (November 30 - pray that day!), our weekends are remarkably like the weekdays... We find something fun to do every weekend, but most evenings consist of the following:

Amit studying his dental decks, which are HUGE, its unbelievable how much they are expected to know! He also spends time studying old lecture notes and his study guide for the boards.

So what do I do to kill time? Well, sometimes I watch TV, but mostly I read, surf the internet, scrapbook with our wedding photos, work on our blog (like right now!), but I do have a new hobby.

I'm teaching myself how to knit! I have no idea how it will turn out, but hopefully I can figure it out on my own. ;-)

 So we got the rest of the Halloween pictures from Melissa... Bad news. Amit has his eyes closed in EVERY photo! Take a look -

At least I looked cute!!! Amit was a very handsome cowboy, though... even with his eyes closed.

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