Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amit's Birthday Bash - Part 2!

Sadly, our fun had to come to an end at some point. On Sunday we headed to Newport, RI to do some shopping! It was a very successful trip. Amit got the rest of his birthday present - some Sperry's he found at half off. It was a great deal! We had a lot of fun walking from shop to shop, there's a lot of fun stuff to buy in Newport. (We did use our self-control though.)

In case you thought that we were still full from our giant helping of wings the night before, you are wrong. Let's think though... how could Amit's birthday weekend get any better?
With a bowl of chili, 
his other favorite food!
I forgot to get a picture before the chili was almost gone,
so I didn't make the same mistake with our meals!
(Amit got a wrap, but it didn't fit in the pic)
Seth really enjoyed his burger...
Even the waitress said so!
After shopping around downtown Newport, we drove around to see some sights. We were cold and tired, so we didn't really walk the Cliffwalk. It was still a nice view.
 I got a nice shot of Kirsten and Seth too!
Before we went home, we stopped to see a windmill
that Amit had seen on a card.
He's was sad that it wasn't working. 
It was a great weekend, filled with friends, fun, and of course plenty of food. Hopefully Amit enjoyed his little birthday trip. I know I sure did!

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