Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time flies...

...when you're having fun. In honor of 6 amazing years together and 6 months of married life, I thought I'd blog a little about our story...

So we first met during our sophomore year at SHS. We had World History together and ended up sitting close to each other (P and R are awfully close to each other in the alphabet). I thought he was really cute, but he definitely didn't notice me for any other reason than to recognize that I was smarter than him. (He's probably going to hate me when he reads that.) One day, his football coach ended up subbing for our teacher. It was right before homecoming and neither of us had a date. His coach said we should go together... but we didn't. (Ha, almost had you there, didn't I?)

So we each had our own crushes/relationships that year, but still had fun together during class. It turned into a definitely competition as to who would get the better grade (I believe I won). This is where the story gets interesting... Amit swears that he liked me all during the summer before Junior year... I think he's just trying to make me feel guilty or something. So after he supposedly spent all summer pining for me, somehow, miraculously, we ended up in the same AP physics class. Now he'll say that he still liked me, but it took until December for him to realize that I was flirting with him.

Anyways... He asked me out on December 20th and the rest is pretty much history. We've survived numerous high school dances, high school and college graduations, a move to the east coast, and numerous PMS episodes (he's so patient!). Our life isn't perfect, or always fun, but these last six years have been amazing and I'm so glad that he's been with me through it all!

Now to get over the mushy part... Here's a little historical photo tour for your enjoyment...
One of our first "official" photos... after a baking adventure and flour fight! 
Even now, we still enjoy being in the kitchen together.
So only six months after we started dating, I headed to France with our exchange program. 
For some reason he hung around... Here's why - 
Yep, that boy loves my dog! Max loves him too... Probably more than the rest of us. 
But seriously, Amit was happy to see me and life had more fun adventures in store for us.
We camped, we fished, we hung out, and we attended many a HS dance...
We taught the French kids how to line dance (that's Nate on the left!)
 We went to homecoming, turnabout, and the best one? Prom!
Amit had a top hat he wore both years, he loved that top hat...
Here we are at Prom our Junior Year - 

Senior year... Told you he loved his top hat!
 Did I forget to mention that I loved big poofy dresses?
So we graduated high school and headed off to college...
Where we stopped taking as many pictures,
except for the rare occasion when we remembered our camera.

Most importantly, we remembered our camera on Dec 20th, 2007.
Between the time we got engaged and married we graduated and found our new love...
And before we knew it, it was the big day!
We've loved exploring Massachusetts and getting to know our new friends. We've been so blessed and can't wait to see what else will happen to us! I'm sure the next six months will be full of new adventures and experiences!


  1. You guys look SO YOUNG in that first picture. Congrats again!

  2. Thanks!! I guess we were really young back then. Weird!

  3. Holy cow, NO idea you guys had been together for six years! Loved the story. Brad and I have been married for 4.5 and have been together since March of 2001 so I can relate!