Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I love to cook, though technically I love baking even more. I don't think baking is a very good idea when there are only two of us. It creates way too many opportunities for some serious sweet snacking. So instead of trying out new dessert recipes, I am trying very hard to fulfill my resolution to try out new dinner recipes. It is part of my effort to be more health conscious. Since most of you haven't sampled my new skills, I'll continue to post about my efforts... with photos. (Cue saliva.)
My bravest endeavor thus far...
lemon pasta with roasted shrimp.
I substituted whole wheat noodles for regular, 
they have more protein and fiber, which keeps Amit fuller, longer!
This is definitely his favorite dish thus far.
I love my slow cooker.
Soups are fantastic and leave us with great leftovers for lunch.
Smashed potato soup was one of the first I tried.
I just found this new soup recipe.
Quick and spicy tomato soup, from Giada's 
Food Network site.
It is fantastic!! (And has quite a kick to it!)
It's amazing that it starts from a jar of marinara sauce.
We are having a great time finding and trying out new recipes, even though Amit isn't usually home to help me cook. I guess I'll just save my dessert recipes for when he's around on family dinner nights... That way we can send extra desserts home with our friends!


  1. Thanks! I will make you whichever you want when you're back in Boston.

  2. Dad (and you know which one)January 26, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    Great! Now I'm hungry again...

  3. i didn't realize you guys had a blog! these look so yummy... way to go!

  4. Yummy! I'll be needing recipes!