Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's go skiing!

Boston has been a rainy, dismal place the last several days. New Hampshire had snow, so we decided to go up north and do some cross-country skiing. Seth tagged along, too. The boys start school tomorrow, so Friday was their last official day off.

It rained basically the whole time we were driving in New Hampshire. We were a little nervous that there wouldn't be any snow to ski on. The rain turned to sleet as we got closer to our destination and when we turned into the parking lot, it was snowing! So we headed off on the Wilderness Trail to get in some good cardio...
Since it has been so warm out, the waterfalls were flowing!
We could hear the river rushing alongside the trail, too.
Taking a water break...
 I think this might be the first shot of me actually skiing...
I'm usually the one behind the camera.
After being on the main trail for a while, we headed to the Franconia Falls. We weren't sure what we'd find, but we were up for an adventure!
On our way to the falls, we had to cross a stream...
Seth tried to catch Amit when he was stuck, 
but I was kinda in his way... 
 Amit made it safely over the stream and we skied on.
The falls weren't as big as we hoped,
but it was cool to see the water flowing underneath the ice.
We had to pose for some pictures...
 We decided to go further up the falls, 
but we had to leave our skis and do a bit of hiking.
Then we made a sad finding...
We were at the end of the trail!
(Notice Seth continued past the sign)
 It was a good thing he kept walking,
he found a nice place to have our snack.
While we were sitting there, snacking, Seth came up with this crazy idea to make a snow angel. On the snow-covered ice. The same ice that had been occasionally popping and had rushing water underneath it. Told you the idea was crazy. So as he stepped down onto the ice, it popped, and with this priceless look of panic, he scrambled back up the rocks. It was hilarious! I think Amit laughed for 5 minutes straight after it happened.
We couldn't stay there forever though,
we had to head back to the car.
The fog around the mountains had started to clear,
so we could actually see what was in the distance.

Being the "amateur photog" that I guess I consider myself to be (it's probably a stretch to say that), I have to take a billion pictures. I couldn't leave without taking some nice shots of the scenery. The path we had been on was in a tunnel of trees, so I couldn't really take too many pictures.
We love the mountains.
I think the ice covered river made the landscape
that much more interesting.
It was a very fun ski trip, its fun to go with the boys because they love to explore. Oh yeah, and most of all because the two of them are always up for a refreshing apres-ski meal at Burger King. It might not be the healthiest place to go, but boy does it hit the spot!