Monday, May 30, 2011

The Month of May...

... summed up in two pictures.

Wow, I have been a total slacker!! I apologize! I think I have some pretty good excuses for not blogging, but it has pretty much been because I've had better things to do. Before I get into those details, let me share what we've been up to.

First - Amit's birthday! He turned 24 and we had to celebrate two things. His birthday and the opening of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Saugus. I think we've officially started a tradition. In honor of his birthday, we forced him to order 24 wings. The kitchen gave him a few extra so he ended up eating 27. Way to go!
Second - Hiking season is back in full swing! And so is my tripod use! It's the only way I'm ever in a picture! Lucky for us, our girl is bred for climbing (a fellow hiker said so). She is amazing and totally loves real hiking.
So that was the pathetic photo evidence of the fun we've had in May. The rest of the news don't have pictures to go with them. Classes are totally over for Amit. He's in the clinic full-time and has been enjoying a little more free time. It's great timing because I've decided to go back to school. I start on Wednesday and will be studying for my Master's in Moderate Disabilities. I am jumping in full-time and have a lot going on this summer, but hopefully we'll have some fun things to blog about.

Since I didn't have much in the way of photos, here are a few of Emma after we went for a run the other day. Let's just say neither of us were prepared for 85 degree weather!

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