Monday, May 30, 2011

Mount Pemigewasset

No warm, three-day weekend is complete without a great hike. Amit and Seth decided that they didn't just want to hike, they wanted to climb a mountain. We headed to New Hampshire bright and early thinking it would be a popular destination. Boy, were we wrong! The hike up was totally deserted and quiet, which was nice! Then we got to the top. On a sunny day you would have a fantastic view (according to our guidebook), but when we reached the summit it was still cloudy. The cloud cover did make for some great photos (and the dizzying feeling that you had no idea where the end of the cliff was).
Seth ready to dive into the clouds.
 Amit's summit pose.
Staring off into the abyss.
 Photo op!
 Our happy (and tired) family
  Emma's first mountain - a success!
It was a great hike! A short distance, but a great climb! Emma kicked our butts, a 2 paw hike in the book should be like a 4 foot hike for people! I can't wait until we try out our next hike and neither can Emma! She was obviously tired though, she spent all of yesterday laying on the couch!

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