Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve Dance Party

We had so much fun at the Krueger's house on Christmas Eve! Surprisingly, after a 15 hour drive through the night, a quick nap, Christmas brunch at Dad's, a visit to Amit's parents, and a quick reunion lunch over our favorite nachorama, we were still ready to PARTY! My camera got handed around and I wound up with an interesting combination of photos...
Ready? Here we go!
Photo Op Galore
(Also known as, what happens when drunk Amit and Natey get the camera)

Dance Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Quiz: What's Amit's favorite song?
Can you tell by his pose?

That was seriously the best Christmas Eve we've ever had! The disco ball turned the kitchen into a PAR-TAY! Amit did a great job being the DJ and our entertainment - he was hilarious! I can't wait for the next Family Dance Party! I'm thinking this will definitely become a tradition! Maybe next year we'll add a fog machine? 

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