Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sewing Fiend

Check out what I got for Christmas!!!!!

I love the tons of fun projects and ideas I find on Pinterest and decided that I need to teach myself how to sew. I was so excited to get my new sewing machine, that I had to start some projects right away! I've been dying to make some scarves that I found online, so I managed to fit in a little bit of sewing in between all our crazy plans.
 The fabric was ready and waiting for my sewing attempts.

Finished product #1
American Apparel Infinity Scarf Knock-off
You can find the tutorial on Pinterest.

Scarf #2 
Now I'm ready to cheer on Michigan at the Sugar Bowl!
Tutorial linked here.

I had so much fun making these two scarves, though I need A LOT more practice. Thank goodness I have tons of Pinspiration to choose from! So stay tuned - I will be attempting many more projects and I promise I'll take pictures of my oops moments.


  1. !!! Awesome job Heather!!! This makes me want to dig my sewing machine out of the closet!!

  2. I'm kinda coveting anyone who has sewing machines. Consider yourself coveted.

  3. Melissa - you should get one as your graduation present to yourself!