Sunday, January 8, 2012

Present Highlights

Since we're all grown up and usually give wish lists to my parents for Christmas, we always know the majority of our presents before we open them. Well, the Krueger clan totally kicked butt at Christmas surprises this year!
Krissy found this for Amit's gift. 
OMG! We love it!! How awesome is that? 
It even comes with his dental book!

Bruce gave us this Christmas sign.
I'm so excited to put it up next year!

Oh, Krissy knows us so well!! 
Emma and I can't wait to use our present.
And not to leave Nate out...
This is my view while we use the bike trainer he gave us. 
I'm thinking Emma isn't a huge fan of it.
(I love it!)

I feel so productive with my new sewing machine, too.
I made myself a sewing machine cover.
I'm so proud of myself!!

We got some really great gifts this year. Thanks everyone!!!!

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