Monday, March 19, 2012

March Snapshots

It's hard to believe that it's halfway through March and we have yet to do anything really exciting. I guess we have school and the boards to thank for that. I have been super busy with schoolwork, so I am ready for us to do something fun for a change.

Well, until I can actually take a breather from schoolwork and have a little adventure (stay tuned - it will be Easter weekend), here are some pictures from around the house.

Sometimes Emma is so strange...
Here she wedged her nose in between the couch and Amit's head...
 (She stayed there for longer than 30 seconds...
it's rare, I know.)

Honestly, we had no idea what she was doing here...

This is what I get to see when getting ready to do situps.

I love those ears!
(The red thing is her Christmas toy,
Amit was messing with her.)

Enjoying Daddy's guitar skills.


And last, but not least...
I took this one while doing my homework.
What a life!

I think I posted enough pictures for now... It's time for me to go sit in the sun, enjoy the 78 degree weather, and get some studying done!

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  1. hahahahaha, your dog is so funny!!!! :) I am sure she is such a sweetheart!

    love K