Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Gift for Grayson

Our latest addition to the group was a great excuse to go buy some adorable fabric and try out a new (more complicated than what I am used to) sewing project. I keep finding the cutest dress tutorials online, so I decided to try one out for Graysie. I used this Pillowcase Dress tutorial from Prudent Baby , but changed it up by adding bias tape.

I had a few "issues" throughout my sewing, most likely due to my lack of sewing knowledge, but I am SO excited at how it turned out! Here's how it went:

Emma is so excited for baby Grayson,
that she just HAD to help make the pattern.

I made my own bias tape to match the dress.
I followed this tutorial  
and only had to remeasure my lines a few times.

My bias tape hanging out on my 
Schoolhouse Rock DVD.
I listened to it while I sewed, so I could "study". 

 Then came sewing time...
Sides together.
Bias tape around the hem and the arm holes.
Still can't believe I got all those lines so straight!

Grayson's navy and pink dress!
It's in the mail and heading to Florida -
hope they like it as much as I do!

I am still in shock that I managed to make this! It took me quite a while, but I had so much fun. I have a feeling I will have many more gifts for Graysie by the time I actually meet her... This whole "sewing for a sweet, beautiful, baby girl" thing is addicting!