Monday, August 20, 2012

Letchworth State Park

This past weekend we decided to get out of Rochester and go for a good hike. Amit wasn't on call, so we had some freedom to go explore! After considering the Finger Lakes, we decided we wanted real hiking, so we headed back to Letchworth, one of our sites from Easter weekend. We chose to hike one of the trails that runs right along the gorge, which made for some great photos!
A great day for hiking!
We loved the scenic overlooks!
 Hmmm... I wonder what's down there?
The gorge is amazing.

So we actually did all that hiking along the gorge to find a way to get down to the water. Well... we were a little high up, but as we were leaving, Amit decided to try one last little parking area and see if that would work. Guess what? It did! After a very short walk, we found water!

What a beautiful little place to wade!
Run for the shore!!!
Emma is still a little iffy about the water, 
but she seemed to have fun!

She was scared of the rapids,
but wanted to check them out anyway.

She had to stick her head under the water, too.
Doesn't she look so happy??
We love this girl!
 Emma hasn't spent much time in the car lately -
I think she misses how close to us she can get.

You might wonder, how do we refuel after hiking?
It's not entirely primal, but oh, it is so worth it!
Chocolate frozen custard with chocolate sprinkles.
Emma shared in our frozen treat by licking the air.

It was great to get out in nature, just the three of us. It's a great chance for us to talk and spend some quality time together. I will definitely miss these hikes when I'm back in Boston. We're already making hiking plans for Labor Day weekend and might even throw in a fun trip this weekend. Looks like my semester of student teaching in Massachusetts is a great excuse to get our fill of local adventures!

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