Saturday, November 24, 2012

It Feels Like Fall

I've been so busy with my practicum this semester that aside from all of the fun craft projects I've done, it hasn't felt like the holidays are coming. I haven't even been home to enjoy my fall decor! I'm finally in NY long enough to take photos of my finished products. Now it's starting to feel like the holiday season!
My dictionary pumpkins from last year!

The newest pieces of my collection.
I love them!
My Book Page Pumpkins.
Spray-painted Pinecones.
My Pumpkin Canvas.
And, finally,
my Chalkboard Pumpkins -
decorate as Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween,
then erase and write a Thanksgiving message on them!

They all turned out fabulously!! I would show you my burlap wreath, but my pins need to be reinforced somehow... Hopefully it will be ready for Christmas. Today we had some snow. Now that I feel like I've been able to enjoy fall, it's turning into winter! I guess it's time to move on. Next up, Christmas decorations!

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