Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yet Another Weekend Trip

That's right, since I'm stuck in Massachusetts, we planned another super-quick weekend trip. This past weekend we met up with Ron and Mom again in Hudson for a weekend of hiking and eating. Cuyahoga National Park is so huge that we still haven't even put a dent in really exploring it.

On Saturday, we hiked to see Bridal Veil Falls. We were blessed with more beautiful weather, and even though the leaves were gone, it was still a great hike!
We brought the tripod on this trip.
Family photo time!
Thanks, Irene.
Bridal Veil Falls
This was the dedication at the falls. 
We thought the quote was fun.

After hiking for a while, 
we came to a road and a river.

 Amit demanded that I take picture of him spear-fishing.
By the way, there were no fish.

By now it was time for a bathroom break.
Amit decided to cause a little trouble.

We had yet another, super fun weekend in Ohio. We also managed to visit a microbrewery in Akron called Thirsty Dog Brewing Company and everyone gave in to my anti-beer attitude and we enjoyed some great wine and a beautiful view at Sarah's Vineyard. The winery was close to the park, so hopefully it will become a habit when we meet up for our hikes. All in all, it was another fun weekend. We found some great bike paths that would be really fun to cross-country ski on, so we'll see when we get back to Hudson for our next  reunion. I can't wait to see those waterfalls in the spring!

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