Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our First Trip to the Catskills

Since there wasn't too much else to see that close to Albany, Amit found some other hiking to check out. The Catskills were just over an hour south of Albany, so we headed that direction to see what we'd find. He chose one destination in particular, because he knows how much I love waterfalls and it wasn't too long to accomplish in our limited amount of time.

We drove to the Catskills. 
Amit decided to go one way (and not listen to me),
but we ended up going over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.
Check that off our bucket list.
After driving through some very small towns, we finally were at our destination.
The first falls we saw - 
I love hiking all year-round,
but I think fall can make for some of the best photos!
After a nice little hike, we arrived at our destination.
Kaaterskill Falls - The highest falls in NY

It was a nice little weekend getaway and the weather was perfect for hiking. It looks like we'll have to plan another trip to the Catskills to explore some more!

Just a reminder - these are definitely not all of the pictures I've taken on our hikes. I upload all of my pictures to our Shutterfly Share Site - It's a private site to store our photos, so if you have a Shutterfly account, you can use that to log-in and then request to join or you can just request that I send you our password. Once you're there, you can look at all of the photos that we've uploaded; they're organized into separate albums and sorted by date.

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