Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Snapshots from Home

I love getting together with everyone when we come home, but my favorite pictures usually end up being the most random ones from our visit. And they usually are of Emma or Max. It's only been a month since we were home, but it seems like it's been forever. So without further ado, here are some of the smaller events from our visit -

Proof that Nate still loves Emma,
even if he loves Max more.
I love that Max doesn't seem 10 years old in this one!
Emma tired the poor guy out!

Kristyn and I got to do some fun cousin bonding while I was home. We went to go visit Coco, who I haven't seen in FOREVER and saw some other barn friends. And we tortured her pups. Literally...
Hi Coco!
Isn't this guy hilarious???
I've decided. I'm getting a pony.
How cute is that little guy??

While I love being on the farm, taking the dogs to the car wash was an even better idea. It's just too bad we hadn't brought Emma with! I seriously need to find one of these in NY. Washing your dog at the pet wash is way better than washing them at home.
Squishing two dogs into the tub and washing them at the same time...
Now that's hilarious!
Our pups were NOT happy with us. 
Krissy and I loved every second of it!

And before I go back to work, a few more of my favorites from our favorite canines. 
Note to self: a measly little fence won't keep Emma out of my plants, 
especially when she gets to feel like she's hunting in the jungle. 
And her signature look - "What Mom? I'm just smelling!"

It's hard to believe it's been so long since we were home! It makes me feel just a little homesick, especially for Max. Thankfully Ithaca has lots of things to keep us busy... and hopefully will make me blog more for all of you. 

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