Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick Visit to Cooperstown

After being home for Mike's graduation party and some family time, I headed back east with Tricia, Krissy, and Matt. Since Matt had a baseball tournament in Cooperstown, we figured we would take some time off work and go watch some baseball, since we had never been! Little did we know it would end up being one very rainy week, some of us would be fighting a stomach bug, and we would end up finding some other crazy things to do!

Enjoying the sun and watching Matt play. 
With our baseball boy!
Cooperstown had some great views!

Well, since Kristyn and I can only take so much baseball, we found some other fun things to do in town. We dragged Amit to the Farmers' Museum. He, of course, tried to act like he wasn't going to enjoy himself, but then we happened to walk into the baby animals portion of the museum he perked up. 
These two baby goats were our best friends!
They LOVED Amit!
(And he loved them, though he'll deny it.)
While we waited to be able to feed our new friends,
we found some horses. 
Krissy tried to coax one over, but he wouldn't budge.
A cowboy at heart?
They ended up making friends with a nicer horse.

After rushing back to the babies, we were able to feed our little friends!
They were hilarious!
Amit even got in on the action - he fed one of the dairy goats.
(See! He loves them!)
Before we left the farming museum,
we rode the vintage carousel.
I rode a giant hen.
It was awesome!
What else did we do?
We stopped for ice cream, of course!
Though by this time it was starting to get chilly...
Then it rained. And rained. And rained.
So without any baseball to watch, we decided to drive to Howe Caverns for a tour.

About to go on our ride down the underground river.
It was really cool -
the rushing water kept getting louder and louder...
Then we stopped at the dam.
Our heads were way too close to the walls.
The tour stopped at the Bridal Altar. 
We were the only ones brave enough to pose on it first. 
Krissy was NOT having it.
The Winding Way was our favorite part...
It was like we were on a different planet!

Phew! That was one long blog post, but we did do quite a few things over the few days we were there! It was fun to watch Matt play his baseball (before it rained) and spend some extra time with family. Thanks again to Bruce and Tricia for letting us tag along! Hopefully the next time they visit NY, we'll get some nice sunny weather!

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